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Shining Stars- Ability Achievements Recognition
Community Events- Promote Inclusion & Social Skills

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Get to Know SHINE

Our mission is to support and honor children with autism, by providing them with the resources, support, inclusion and opportunities they need to thrive. We are committed to creating a world where diversity is celebrated, and every child is given the opportunity to SHINE!

SHINE's Vision for an Inclusive World

At SHINE, our vision is to create a world where every child with autism has a safe haven to be themselves, free from judgment, in an inclusive environment. We envision a Sensory Gym that nurtures their unique needs, fostering self-expression and growth. Simultaneously, we aspire to operate a food pantry that serves not just sustenance but also hope to families in need within our community. Our commitment lies in building a compassionate space where children thrive, families find support, and inclusivity is the cornerstone of our mission. Lastly we strive to offer a non-competitive relaxed pace sports program that empowers children with autism to discover the joy of movement and teamwork. Together, we illuminate the path toward a brighter future for those touched by autism, fostering understanding, acceptance, and the boundless potential within each child

Meet the Inspiration
Saige and Saint

Saige and Saint are twin brothers who have autism. Their experiences growing up inspired their mom Christina to create activities and events that are specifically tailored to children with autism, so that they can feel included and supported in their everyday lives.

As Saige and Saint grew older and their challenges became more prominent, Christina noticed that they were often overlooked and excluded from fundamental activities that their peers participated in. She recognized that there was a need for more awareness and understanding of autism, and that with the right accommodations, children with autism could thrive and operate at their own pace.

Through her own experiences with her sons, Christina has become a passionate advocate for autism awareness and inclusion. Her dedication to this cause has led her to create activities and events that are tailored to the unique needs of children with autism, so that they can experience the joy of play and social interaction in a safe and supportive environment.

Saige and Saint continue to be the inspiration behind Christina's work, and she is committed to ensuring that all children with autism have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the same activities as their peers.

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